According to Mexico’s Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, the country witnesses a huge number of neglected discarded tires. Because of the pressing issue, some businesses are willing to construct a tire recycling facility in the Lagunera province, says the Secretary of Environment of Coahuila Eglantina Canales Gutiérrez.

Today, there is a scrap tire collection unit in Lagunera province called Paseo de las Piedras 350, but what is still lacking is proper recycling of scrap tires into crumb rubber, steel and other reusable materials.

According to the official, one business has already presented necessary documentation to begin working with respective tire recycling machinery. Canales Gutiérrez hopes that the company will be established within a year.

She added that the company has also presented an environmental impact statement that outlines phases of facility’s construction and operation.

Article by Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.