The Bristow tire recycling facility in Australia failed to comply with the environmental rules after massive fire broke out on its site. The local fire crew managed to contain it, however, the plant is now pressured by the Bristow Industrial Authority and the Department of Environmental Quality.

The fire incident took place early this month. Almost half of the property has been destroyed as a result of the blaze that was raging for about 2 days.

A flammable material at the plant caused the fire. According to the local Fire Department Chief, it resembled insulation. He says it will be very expensive to get rid of that material from the site.

Due to the material’s flammable nature and the fact that it ignites easily, it was extremely difficult to contain the fire fast for the fire crew.

It was not the first fire case at that the Bristow tire recycling facility this year. The fire department responded to two earlier this year, and had more than a dozen calls within the last three years from The Bristow tire recycling facility. Apart from frequent fire incidents, the plant is dealing with a number of other issues.

The Bristow Industrial Authority decided not renew the tire recycling facility’s lease in 2021 and started litigation to remove them from the site in February.

Article by News Channel 8, ABC Tulsa.