Australian scrap tire processor Green Distillation Technologies may commission a for-profit tire pyrolysis plant in Toowoomba, Southern Queensland as it is anticipating green light from its Development Application office.

According to the company, it has already had a customer for its oil that recovered from waste tires at Toowoomba facility with the help of the firm’s original system.

This comes after GDT’s received a Queensland Government grant to its Southern Oil of Gladstone that provides necessary funding to develop refinery plant and conduct checks and operational tests of fuel oil extracted from tires – to do that, the developers use a Scania V8 test engine.

The tests have been conducted in association with the Queensland University of Technology – during investigation the researchers added their recycled oil to conventional vehicular diesel. After the trials, they concluded that this method does not result in power loss. In addition, they suggested that this type of fuel yields 30 percent less nitrous oxide in the exhaust emissions.

Article by GDT.