Australian company Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) specialized in scrap tire recycling has signed an agreement with New Zealand’s CarbonScape, high value carbon products manufacturer. This move will enable GDT to transform its recycled carbon into valuable graphite which is the most stable form of carbon.

To get graphite as well as other top value carbon products, Marlborough-based CarbonScape relies on its unique technique and GDT’s carbon made with the help of tire pyrolysis. GDT runs a tire pyrolysis facility at Warren in Western New South Wales. The future graphite production will take place at that site.

The agreement comes at a time when the global community is challenged by the waste tire problem – annually, over 1,5 billion of scrap tires are generated across the world.

Currently, China produces the largest amounts of graphite in the world, but the global industry faces pressures from environmentalists who condemn mining and unsustainable production methods. Therefore, CarbonScape came up with its ‘green’ technology. Its invention comes at a time when global demand for graphite is on the rise.

Article by GDT.