The Alliance of Future Tires (AZuR) together with representatives from the press, the Federal Environment Agency, the DBU and the Ministry of the Environment visited the modern Michelin retreading plant in Homburg at the beginning of December. The plant retreads up to 620,000 truck and bus end-of-life tires every year.

For AZuR network coordinator Christina Guth, the Michelin factory is proof that the "retreading of commercial vehicle tires is a promising, forward-looking concept that not only works economically, but also ecologically and socially."

Truck tires that are processed and regrooved using the special MICHELIN REMIX retreading process achieve a mileage that is up to 150% higher. According to the AZuR study by the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, production saves considerable amounts of energy, raw materials and CO2 emissions. From AZuR's point of view, retreaded truck tires are the perfect solution for fleets that want to reduce their operating costs and ecological footprint.

During the factory tour, production processes of retreading was demonstrated to the AZuR delegation. It was then discussed how the retreading rate in Germany and Europe can be further increased in the coming years.

Article by AZuR.