With new European partners, Allianz Zukunft Reifen (AZuR) is gaining additional expertise in pioneering technological fields of the tire circular economy.

Among AZuR’s new partners is now Weibold – tire recycling and pyrolysis consulting company from Austria.

Beside this, AZuR-Network joined the companies like:

  • The Bavarian CTS Bitumen is the technology leader in the rubber modification of bitumen for road construction.
  • The Polish ReOil Sp., in cooperation with AZuR partner Zeppelin Systems, operates the largest pyrolysis plant for used tires in Europe.
  • With B&J Rocket Sales AG, a technology market leader for the retreading industry has joined the AZuR network, which has been successfully operating around the world for over 80 years.
  • Sondel Engineering wants to create an innovation platform for recyclable and bio-based rubber materials in the Netherlands.

AZuR network coordinator Christina Guth expects the new partners to provide “additional expertise and fresh impetus for the joint further development of the tire circular economy in Europe.”

CTS Bitumen: Technology Leader for Durable Rubberized Asphalt

Located in Bavarian Buch am Erlbach, CTS Bitumen GmbH has been dedicated to the development and improvement of rubber-modified bitumen for road construction since 1985. Among its innovations is the open-pore asphalt known as "Whisper Asphalt®." CTS Bitumen is considered a technology leader in rubber modification, presenting an innovative development 18 years ago—rubber-modified bitumen granules. These granules, produced through a closed system in a wet process at temperatures exceeding 200°C for several hours, consist of bitumen, rubber meal from truck tire recycling, and a filler. Meeting all requirements of TL RmB-StB By and E GmBA, these granules are dosed dry at the asphalt mixing plant. They boast maximum durability, a lower CO2 footprint, reduced aerosol emissions, high performance reserves, exceptional longevity, and easy, secure application.

ReOil: Innovative Pyrolysis Plants for Efficient Used Tire Recycling

Polish company ReOil Sp. operates Europe's largest pyrolysis plant, utilizing a unique continuous pyrolysis process to environmentally convert up to 20,000 tons of used tires annually into pyrolysis oil, recovered carbon black (rCB), steel, and textile fibers. The continuous pyrolysis ensures optimal energy and resource utilization through complete control of the process system, guaranteeing consistent product quality. ReOil's pyrolysis plants, with capacities of up to 60,000 tons of used tires per year, are provided turnkey by AZuR partner Zeppelin Systems following the EPC formula, covering the entire scope of planning, construction, and commissioning.

B&J Rocket Sales: Technology Market Leader in Retreading

B&J Rocket has been globally active for over 80 years, supplying the rubber processing industry with tools. Recognized for efficiency and quality, their products are indispensable in tire retreading, manufacturing, and repair, also making a name for themselves in conveyor belt repair. Trusted by various industries, B&J tools prove to be an economical and efficient alternative in many applications. In their core business of tire retreading, B&J Rocket is the first choice, establishing itself as a reliable partner to the industry. In Denmark, B&J Rocket manufactures hard metal grinding tools in various models and common grain sizes, customizable to customer needs, serving as a valued technical advisor to its customers in this field, catering to the global market.

Sondel Engineering: Strengthening Tire Circular Economy in the Netherlands

Sondel Engineering, based in the Netherlands, comprises a group of innovative application engineers committed to producing technical components from bio-based and recycled rubber materials from used tires. To accelerate the development of sustainable materials and processes, Sondel aims to establish an innovation platform for a sustainable tire circular economy in the Netherlands, collaborating with industry partners. With years of experience in product design (technical plastic and rubber products), material development, and international production project management, Sondel is a reliable partner from the design phase to mass production.

About the Alliance for the Future of Tires (AZuR)

Since 2020, AZuR has been promoting a sustainable tire circular economy across Europe. The goal is to reuse or recycle used tires up to 100%, minimizing waste, reducing CO2 emissions, conserving natural resources, and protecting both people and the environment. Currently, 59 AZuR partners from industry, trade, and academia cover all sectors of the sustainable tire circular economy—from sustainable new tire manufacturing and certified used tire collection to the repair and retreading of passenger and commercial vehicle tires, to the material and chemical utilization of raw materials in used tires. In interdisciplinary teamwork, new approaches and solutions for an ecologically and economically sensible tire circular economy are developed, with AZuR network universities playing a crucial role. These universities provide scientifically founded studies and research to contribute valuable insights to close the material cycle.

Press release by AZuR-Network.