The AZuR partner meeting approves a three-year extension of the joint commitment.

The Klima Arena in Sinsheim provided the perfect location for the network gathering of the AZuR partners from Germany and the Benelux on June 14, 2022.

Over 20 of the already 50 partners—companies from the tire and recycling sector, associations, media, environmental authorities, universities, and research institutions—attended to work together on initiatives, ideas, solutions, and visions for the sustainable tire cycle of the future.

The AZuR program, which was only launched in mid-2020, was swiftly and overwhelmingly approved to continue for at least another three years under the sponsorship of the German Rubber Industry Association (wdk).

The event rapidly entered a lively discussion about objectives and ambitions following a recap of the AZuR achievements since the interdisciplinary Alliance's founding in the summer of 2020 by network coordinator Christina Guth.

In order to preserve natural resources, safeguard people, the climate, and the environment, AZuR will continue to work toward waste avoidance and the best recycling of worn tires in the future. After their initial usage is over, the goal is to recycle as many used tires as possible into new tires or items derived from recycled tires.