According to the recent article, one of the milestones of the new year for AZuR is the establishment of a new, interdisciplinary project group. The fourth AZuR project group, initially consisting of 11 partners under the leadership of Martin von Wolfersdorff – a renown carbon black expert from Berlin, – aims to generate fresh ideas for the chemical recycling of used tires.

Interdisciplinary AZuR project groups are intended to advance innovative recycling methods for used tires. Currently, there are already project groups focusing on retreading, material recycling of used tires, and rubberized asphalt. The composition of these groups, with partners from industry, trade, and academia, is chosen to incorporate as many relevant aspects and perspectives on a topic as possible.

The new project group, under the leadership of Martin von Wolfersdorff, includes five scientists from AZuR partner universities and five representatives from AZuR industrial partners in different areas of the tire circular economy:

  • Biochemical Institute for Environmental Carcinogens Grosshansdorf: Dr. Albrecht Seidel
  • CEAT Tyres: Peter Becker
  • HF Mixing Group: Paul Lloyd
  • HS Osnabrück: Prof. Dr. Carmen-Simona Jordan
  • IKP University of Paderborn: M. Sc. Jonas Petzke
  • Onejoon: Dominikus Wirth
  • REOIL: Michał Mikuśkiewicz
  • TH Köln: Prof. Dr. Danka Katrakova-Krüger
  • TH Köln: metabolon Institute: Prof. Dr. Christian Malek
  • Pyrum Innovations: Pascal Klein
  • Wolfersdorff Consulting: Martin von Wolfersdorff (Project Management)

In the new project group, new approaches, concepts, and solutions for the pyrolysis and devulcanization of used tire rubber will be developed through workshops. The results of the project group will be discussed and further developed within the network. The kick-off is scheduled for February 15, 2024, at AZuR partner Onejoon.