The project of Spanish end-of-life tire management authority SIGNUS created in partnership with Segurvital – as well as initiatives by Aigües de Mataró, Heineken, Circoolar, Unidad Editorial - Expansión, and Universidad Francisco de Vitoria – has won in various categories in the 4th BASF Circular Economy Awards which took place in Madrid on November 10.

As the SME category winner, SIGNUS highlights its involvement in the project developed with the company Segurvital, which has approved a protection system for motorcyclists that incorporates rubber rollers from tires and demonstrated outstanding effectiveness in tests. For these rollers, SIGNUS has created and patented a continuous manufacturing system using extrusion to support market consolidation and provide a viable product. The only thing still lacking is the regional and municipal governments' dedication to making it workable.

Carles Navarro, General Manager of BASF in Spain and President of the Club for Excellence in Sustainability, emphasized the importance of resource circulation during the award ceremony. The winning initiatives and the rest submitted projects will be included to Spain's largest online library of best practices in the circular economy, which is being supported by BASF based on its awards. The proposals presented in the first three editions of its awards are already available there.