The BlackCycle Project has been focused on developing deconstruction technologies to recover the different rubber coming from very precise parts of the tyre. The objective is to enhance the quality of the recycled raw materials and add value for subsequent industrial processes such as granulation,pyrolysis, or micronization.

After design studies and initial testing, two deconstruction technologies have been chosen: the Outside Rubber Cutting (ORC) for recovering tire treads from passenger cars and trucks, and the Inside Rubber Grinding (IRG) for extracting innerliners from truck tires. These machines incorporate groundbreaking technological solutions, enabling the treatment of tires from any brand and size with near full automation. Patents for the new detection technology and steering robots will be completed in 2023.

Currently, the ORC machine's demo-line has been constructed and is in the startup phase, with the production of high-quality rubber raw materials expected by early summer. The construction of the IRG machine is underway, and implementation is anticipated to begin in September. The built up of the machine and basic functional tests are made near Clermont-Ferrand (France), and the ramp-up / implementation and processing itself will be at ESTATO site in Weiden (Germany).

To learn more about the technology, proceed to the website of BlackCycle Project.