Bolder Industries – an American recover carbon black (rCB) producer – recently proudly to announced the ISO 9001:2015 certification for our Quality Management System at the company’s Maryville tire pyrolysis facility.

The company says this is a significant but singular milestone on the journey to reinforce Boulder’s commitment to deliver consistent quality for its customers and safety for its employees. Circular solutions for the tire, rubber, and plastics industries are commercially available, and Bolder pinpoints its goal is to lead the way.

About Bolder Industries

Founded in 2011, Bolder Industries provides circular solutions for rubber, plastic and petrochemical supply chains. The company has developed and scaled a proprietary solution that recovers 98% of scrap tires by extracting high-quality petroleum-based ingredients and steel while helping customers achieve their corporate sustainability goals. Its flagship product BolderBlack® is a less expensive, more sustainable alternative to virgin carbon black. The solution uses 90% less water and emits 90% fewer greenhouse gasses than traditional methods. To learn more, visit

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