Being a consulting company focused exclusively on tire recycling and tire pyrolysis, Weibold maintains liaison with numerous suppliers and key industry players around the world. Keeping finger on the industry provides us with first-hand information on tire recycling markets, commercially successful products, existing and new technologies.

Weibold's market research in tire recycling and pyrolysis products

Some of the most important services of Weibold are Market Research reports. In Market Research and Market Reports Weibold provides tire recycling and tire pyrolysis companies with in-depth analyses of the latest trends, opportunities, risks and market developments in the industry. Weibold identifies demand for rubber powder, crumb rubber, fuel oil and other tire-derived raw materials on regional and international markets, finds promising applications for the raw materials, lists the most promising sales opportunities and gives exhaustive information on how to develop tire recycling or pyrolysis business given customers’ geographic locations, national and regional environmental regulations, feedstock supplies, market conditions and much more.

Weibold’s market studies take into account specific products which the customer wants to produce. Whether the tire recycling company opts for manufacturing of molded products for traffic safety or rubber wheels for waste bins, Weibold’s Market Research are carried out according to the same structure. The customer – tire recycling or tire pyrolysis company – receives exhaustive information on the following subjects:

Consumer analysis and sales forecasting

In this module, the customer receives understanding who are the typical and potential buyers of the preferred product, how big the market is, what the current and future trends are, etc. Weibold’s team of market researchers and field agents identifies potential clients and establishes contact with them. The evaluation is be performed in terms of product needs, potential purchase volumes, value chain dynamics within these segments and potential purchase prices.

Competitor and pricing analysis

This module gives the customer exhaustive information on who current manufacturers and importers are and, therefore, who the main competitors are. In addition, Weibold provides pricing information on competitors’ products, their output information, geographic positioning and target markets. Furthermore, Weibold conducts benchmarking and lists recommendations what can be learned and adopted from the competitor.

Sales strategy

Here, the customer receives recommendations on what the best course of action is to successfully carry out the project, what the most suitable sales strategy is, whether it is better to pursue wholesale or retail model, etc.

Market Studies carried out by Weibold can be further supplemented by additional services such as Financial Planning, Technology Evaluation, Plant Modification, etc.

For companies making their first steps in tire recycling or pyrolysis Market Research and Financial Plans can be further modified into Bankable Business Plans which help receive funding and provide a realistic non-biased view on how the project is going to perform.

In case an investor aims to verify a business plan for tire recycling or pyrolysis project made by a third party, Weibold – as one of the leading experts in the industry – offers Due Diligence, a scrutiny of the third party’s business plan, identification of strong and weak points, concluded by non-biased expert opinion and followed by recommendations of Weibold.

Full range of Weibold's services

All current services by Weibold in tire recycling and pyrolysis consulting are listed below:

Pre-investment consulting services

  • Market Study
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Feasibility Study
  • Financial Planning
  • Bankable Business Plan
  • Due Diligence
  • Grant Search and Application
  • Investor Search
  • Used Equipment Search
  • Recruiting Services

Post-investment consulting services

  • Plant Modification
  • Used Equipment Search
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Staff Training
  • Sales Support
  • Recruiting Services
  • Expert Opinion

Since 1999, Weibold has been helping companies build successful and profitable tire recycling businesses. Reputation of the company is backed up by over 200 successful projects all around the world.

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