The Hindu Business Line reports that Bridgestone India is on a full-circle sustainability drive. According to newspaper, the company’s new range of tires helps vehicles reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, according to the magazine, Bridgestone India has set up a tire recycling plant to ensure circularity of its product. Reportedly, its manufacturing facility, too, supplements its power consumption with renewable sources.

The magazine highlights the inspiration comes from its founder Shojiro Ishibashi, who says, “I am convinced that a simple profit-seeking business will never thrive, but a business that contributes to its society and country will be forever profitable.”

The ambitious goals of Bridgestone are supplemented by a wish to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent by 2030, globally. The magazine stresses that tires with improved rolling efficiency help reduce fuel use. Bridgestone’s range of tires “Ecopia”provides advanced low-rolling resistance and fuel-saving benefits without compromising on safety.

Parag Satpute, Managing Director, Bridgestone India, says the company aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. At its Pune and Indore plants, solar energy of 6.7 MW supplements conventional energy, according to the source. For the tire curing process, it uses carbon-neutral biomass briquettes made from agriculture waste to fuel its boiler plants. The recently commissioned biomass boiler plant at Pune, built in collaboration with Thermax, can generate about 123,000 tons of steam per year, and cut 19,396 tons of carbon dioxide, says Satpute.

According to The Hindu Business Line, Bridgestone is piloting a few projects to make a good use of its end-of-life tire recycling venture.

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