Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) – British end-of-life tire management authority – reports that in response to the growing interest in tyre pyrolysis in the UK and beyond, the TRA is to launch a sub-group of interested members to address a number of matters of common importance.

The aim of the new group which will hold its first scoping meeting in January 2021 will be to consider pyrolysis in the context of the current regulatory environment as well as barriers and opportunities in the areas of product and market development.

With the number of potential new market entrants on the increase, ensuring the UK is well-placed to benefit from this developing process for dealing with post-consumer tyres is a ‘must’. From being all too often viewed as a ‘problem’ waste the end-of-life tyres should be seen as an important resource which deserves to be better valorised. “Our hope is that tyre pyrolysis as a now emerging technology will play a significant role in achieving this ambition,” – TRA writes.

Press release by TRA.