Rosehill Rail reports that its conical anti-trespass panels made of recycled tire rubber have been deployed in Melbourne, Australia to help reduce the number of unauthorized people accessing tracks and other prohibited areas.

Trespassing on the 1000 km+ of railroad track which makes up Melbourne’s rail network causes more than 83 days of train delays each year and affects more than 25,000 services. To improve the passenger experience, Metro Trains Melbourne are trialing rubber anti-trespass panels at five stations across the city as part of their holistic anti-trespassing strategy.

Metro’s dedicated Network Security & Surveillance team will combine anti-trespass panels with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, including drones, thermal imaging technology, and more than 9000 CCTV cameras, in an effort to disrupt trespassing and other illegal activity.


Conical anti-trespass panels made of recycled tire rubber – product of Rosehill Rail | Photo by Rosehill Rail.

Rosehill Rail’s Anti-Trespass Panels are a proven visual and physical deterrent, with pre and post implementation studies showing them to reduce the number of unauthorized people trackside by up to 78%.

About Rosehill Rail – innovative rail crossing systems

Rosehill Rail is a British company manufacturing their goods in the U.K. Rosehill’s railway level crossings are used by a wide range of global rail infrastructure companies and operators including Network Rail, SNCF and other rail networks throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Rosehill Rail’s solid rubber crossing panels provide safe and unimpeded driving and walking wherever road and rail cross. They are hard wearing with a proven reliability under all kinds of traffic load and climate conditions. Rosehill says their solid rubber panels can be installed and removed quickly, allowing for effective maintenance work, maximizing the use of track possession times.

Rosehill Rail's level crossing systems are available for any rail, sleeper, or gauge configuration, curves, maintenance depots, wash sheds, turnouts and for RRAPs. They are made to measure for each specific crossing.

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