A UK company Tarmac has launched a new asphalt producing system that uses processed scrap tires and develops roads with the recycled tire rubber. The innovative asphalt solution that contains granulated rubber comes at a time when the United Kingdom generates some 40 million scrap tires annually. The new method will allow reusing over 700 scrap tires for each kilometer of surfacing – this is expected to cut the amount of rubber waste that is being put on exports.

Brian Kent, technical director at Tarmac commented on the firm’s innovation saying that the UK suffered from a lack of industrial systems that would help to produce rubber that potentially could be used in asphalt. However, he noted that the US has been actively using recycled tire rubber in road surfacing projects.

Tarmac has already conducted testing of the innovative product which was used in Coventry. The innovation was made after Tarmac expressed its commitment to circular business model. Apart from this asphalt mix solution, the company also uses scrap tires as energy source at cement kilns.

Press release by Tarmac.