A new research and development initiative is being worked on by a number of companies that seek recycling scrap tires into valuable products with the help of graphene.

The ambitious two-year project led by three firms, Haydale, ARTIS and Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions, receives support of The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) which is a direct partner of Innovative UK. The British innovation company, Innovative UK, is providing funds for the ambitious R&D initiative. In overall, it has allocated £750,000.

The main focus of the study is to find whether Haydale’s patented plasma functionalization could be used to improve recovered carbon products that contain recycled scrap tires in engineering projects.

Additionally, scientists are going to apply plasma functionalized graphene separately and in combination with the recovered carbon black materials – this is required to produce new multifunctional elastomeric materials that would be in demand on various markets.

Article by KTN.