A UK-based recycler New Recycling has filed an application to the Environment Agency requesting a permit to remove scrap tires in Tring, Hertfordshire that occupy an area of 40,000 square feet.

Tire stockpile inherited by New Recycling | Video: courtesy of Let's Recycle Vimeo Channel.

The waste tires have been left by former manager of the site after the operator had been stripped of the license due to failure to pay fees. The company expects the permit to be provided within a couple of months.

According to New Recycling that is a new owner of the site, the area was full and had various sorts of tires stockpiled, including a huge amount of commercial and agricultural tires. Non-tire waste was also present at the site. The new owner has already cleared a path at the site to understand the scope of the problem.

The request to conduct tire clearance was made after New Recycling purchased the site. New Recycling made a proposal to clear the tyres in deal with the Agency. The company seeks to recycle the material and produce rubber chips that can be applied to create equestrian surfaces, gardens and playgrounds.

Article by Let's Recycle.