An investment of over $11 million in total has been allocated to more than 30 groups and 9 companies in California to advance reuse of old tires. The money distributed in grants became available thanks to CalRecycle and its three tire programs, including the one focusing on rubberized pavement, and one more – on tire-derived aggregates.

The move was made amid reports that over 48 million of waste tires are generated in California annually. And it is expected that the new initiative will remove approximately 1.7 million waste tires from landfills.

On January 4, CalRecycle issued a statement that the investment in a form of grants will become available to promote efficient recycling of waste tires.

The Tire Incentive Program was launched to financially assist tire companies so they could be able to compete on the market. More information on funding is available on the website of CalRecycle.

Article by Waste 360.