Circular Rubber Technologies – a Vancouver-based company specializing in converting rubber from industrial end-of-life tires into a reclaim material that serves as a substitute for virgin rubber – is set to launch the first demonstration plant for an innovative tire-recycling process in Red Deer later this year. With a focus on reusing rubber indefinitely, the facility is expected to revolutionize tire manufacturing. Spearheaded by chief innovations officer Shauna LeBlond, the $16-million project has garnered significant attention, earning nominations for the prestigious Alberta Emerald Award and other ecological honors.


Photo by Red Deer Advocate.

Since 2018, Circular Rubber Technologies has collaborated with research partners in Canada and Germany to develop a unique tire recycling method. The process involves subjecting rubber crumbs from old mining truck tires to a proprietary thermal-mechanical treatment. This sustainable approach produces a rubber sheeting material that can be reused endlessly by tire manufacturers, significantly reducing the need for virgin rubber and mitigating CO2 emissions.

The demonstration plant, supported by $3.2 million in funding from Emission Reductions Alberta, aims to validate the viability of the recycling process for commercial use. Located strategically in Red Deer's Queen’s Industrial Park, the facility is poised to drive economic growth while addressing environmental concerns.

Winners of the Alberta Emerald Awards, including Circular Rubber Technologies, will be announced at a ceremony on June 6, recognizing leaders in environmental sustainability and innovation across various sectors.

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