Recently, a renowned expert in carbon black and recovered carbon black (rCB) Martin von Wolfersdorff (Wolfersdorff Consulting, Berlin) held a webinar “Carbon Black Asia” joined by two globally leading carbon black consultants and experts: Shane Perl (Alpen Group) and Paul Ita (Notch Consulting).

The webinar recording is available on demand. For more information on how to purchase a copy please visit the website of Wolfersdorff Consulting.

Teaser for the on-demand webinar "Carbon Black Asia". | Video by Wolfersdorff Consulting.

About the webinar

The webinar is held in English and can be viewed on demand at any time. The 3 presenters will answer questions offline by email-communication for all registered participants.


The webinar is designed for producers and consumers of carbon black and the related value chain including carbon black producers, carbon black distributors, tire manufacturers, rubber compounders, black masterbatch manufacturers, carbon black oil traders, recovered carbon black producers and recovered carbon black consumers as well as analysts and investors.


  • Paul Ita (Notch Consulting) – the globally leading carbon black consultant and expert.
  • Shane Perl (Alpen Group) – the globally leading carbon black feedstock consultant and expert.
  • Martin von Wolfersdorff (Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin) – the globally leading recovered carbon black consultant and expert.


  1. Welcome, introduction of speakers Paul Ita, Shane Perl, Martin von Wolfersdorff (5 mins)
  2. Paul Ita (15 min)
    • Asian Carbon Black Quarterly Capacity & Production
    • Carbon Black Exports of Leading Asian Countries
    • Asian Carbon Black Annual Capacity & Production Forecasta
    • World Carbon Black Demand Forecast through 2022: All Scenarios
    • Expert “fireside” discussion on Paul’s presentation (5 mins)
  3. Shane Perl (15 min)
    • ALPEN GROUP Introduction
    • Carbon Black Feedstock 101
    • Macro Economic Global Feedstock Events and Trends with an Asian Focus
    • The Sustainable Future – industry trends and the impact on Carbon Black Feedstocks
    • Expert “fireside” discussion on Shane’s presentation (5 mins)
  4. Martin von Wolfersdorff (10 min)
    • Geo-mapped overview on Asian carbon black demand & supply
    • Global carbon black customer list
    • Global update on recovered carbon black
    • Asian recovered carbon black producers
    • Expert “fireside” discussion on Martin’s presentation (5 mins)

To register and purchase the webinar’s recording, please proceed to the website of Wolfersdorff Consulting.