Carlisle TyrFil – the leading global supplier of polyurethane tire fill and productivity technologies for Off-the-Road (OTR) equipment tires, OEM and aftermarket – reports it has proved that innovation and sustainability can coexist and become a competitive advantage.

According to the company, during the past two decades, Carlisle TyrFil has introduced next generation technology that significantly reduces the usage of oil, petrochemicals, toxic metals, and other environmentally harmful compounds. In 2021, Carlisle TyrFil introduced the latest extension to its Recycling Technology line-up to further drive adoption of sustainable manufacturing practices within the OTR tire industry.

TyrFil Flatproofing Process. | Video by Carlisle TyrFil.

The company reports that its new patented AutoFil-Gen II processing pump can mix virgin tire fill with crumb rubber from recycled tires, PU grind, or both crumb rubber / PU grind, while delivering high processing speeds and an enhanced visual data interface through a monitor with an improved HMI touchscreen capability.

This year, Carlisle TyrFil celebrates 50th anniversary of its proprietary TyrFil Flatproofing technology. To read more about the technology and about the path of the company, please proceed to Carlisle TyrFil’s website.