The Arrigoni Group’s Arrigoni Environmental is likely to advance recycling and Extended Producer Responsibility in Chile after the company revealed its plans to build tire pyrolysis plant. The business also announced that it has some $5 million investment for the construction.

The development of scrap tire processing facility, Arrigoni Ambiental NFU, is expected to be completed by the end of this year and the plant will become fully-operational in mid-2020. It’s still unknown where exactly the facility will be located, however, its distance from Santiago will not exceed 200 kilometers. The plant relying on pyrolysis will have a capacity to recycle 30 tons of tires per day. As a result of the recycling, the facility will be producing pyrolysis oil, steel and carbon black. During the primary stage of the project, Arrigoni Enviornmental will dedicate most of its efforts on handling non-mining tires.

Chile generates annually some 140 thousand tons of tires, but less than 20 percent of this amount are processed. The plant developers are hopeful that their facility will increase the recycling rate by 7 percent. Gianfranco Arrigoni, general manager at Arrigoni Environmental stressed that his company has plans to recycle even more in the future.

The tire recycling project comes after Chilean government announced adoption of the decree (the REP Law) that requires at least 25% of scrap tires to undergo recycling.

Press release by Arrigoni Group.