Since 1985, Clemson University has hosted an annual Global Tire Industry Conference. Originally organized by School of Textiles professors, the conference has now grown to accommodate an international audience of tire industry professionals.

The 3-day conference this year kicked off at the Clemson University Center for Corporate Learning in downtown Greenville, featuring several distinguished speakers and presenters. Among them was Dean Wendy York, who spoke about the intersection of business, the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business, and the tire industry.

“At the Powers College of Business, we take immense pride in encapsulating a diverse range of industries. The tire industry, especially within the South Carolina economy, holds a significant place within our ecosystem,” says Dean York. “Our state’s economic landscape is intricately woven with the tire industry’s advancements, innovations and contributions. We are excited about continuing these conversations and initiatives to drive positive change in the industry and beyond!”


Dean York welcomed attendees to the afternoon session. | Photo by Clemson University.

By facilitating discussions on technological advancements, manufacturing and research within the tire industry, this conference serves as a vital platform for industry stakeholders. Topics discussed at the conference include workforce development in the industry, the future of manufacturing, regulatory issues, future trends and innovations and environmental issues.

The lineup of speakers over the course of three days included industry executives and stakeholder representatives.

Visit the event's website to learn more about the 2025 Global Tire Industry Conference.