Colombians have been encouraged to bring their end-of-life tires to collection stations on "Llantaton" days, which have been designated by the Colombian government to promote tire recycling in the country.

Suba and Barrios Unidos have been singled out for special attention on Llantaton Day, which took place on February 25, 2022.

The collected end-of-life tires was transferred to an authorized organization after the event to be used and valued as raw material for new manufacturing processes.

Citizens are invited to join in the second 'Llantaton' event of the year as part of this project by the Minis-try of the Environment of Colombia. Used bicycle, motorbike, vehicle, truck, and tractor-trailer tires with rims up to 22.5 inches may be delivered by individuals or commercial and service companies.

570 tires were collected and processed during a Llantaton day in Bosa earlier in February.