Residents of Montezuma County, Colorado, US, have collected and delivered over 26,000 tires to the region’s landfill amid program aimed at waste clearance and recycling, said landfill manager Mel Jarmon.

The collection that involved hundreds of community representatives took place in August and lasted for a week. No charge was applied for tire drop off (normally, a $2.50 fee is charged for a light vehicle tire disposal, and $18.90 is charged per truck tire). According to the site’s manager, the county’s landfill collected more scrap tires that it was anticipated.

The collected tire pile will undergo shredding process, and the shredded waste will be applied as a daily cover at the landfill. On average, garbage is concealed with the help of soil from the site, however, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment issued a permit to use shredded scrap tires for that purpose as soil reserves were shrinking. The authoritative body also provided the Montezuma County Health Department with a $4,000 grant that would facilitate the rental of the professional shredder – monthly it would cost about $25,000.

Towaoc in the Montezuma County has already participated in a similar collection and shredding initiative this year, as part of which some 5,000 scrap tires transported by the residents underwent shredding.

Article by The Journal.