The recent news from Continental – a prominent tire manufacturer – proves that the industry is expected to becoming more sustainable which, in turn, will affect tire recycling industry as well. In late June 2020, Continental received the Red Dot Design Award for Urban Taraxagum – bicycle tires made from dandelion rubber.

Moreover, the tire manufacturer recently made a very positive announcement related to sustainability. Now that Claus Petschick heads new Sustainability department, sustainable management is expected to become an integral part of Continental’s “Vision 2030” strategy program. Besides, the company will continue engaging in consistent research and development of new technologies, alternative materials and environmentally friendly production processes in the tire sector.

In its latest press release in Late June 2020, Continental writes that the Urban Taraxagum bicycle tire from Continental is impressive on two fronts: the tire made from dandelion rubber has won the prestigious Red Dot Design award and was recently awarded the E-Bike Design & Innovation Award in the Sustainability & Green category by the magazine Focus E-Bike (, March 21, 2020). While the Red Dot Award is awarded for the design of the tread of the tire, which is based on the cell shape of the dandelion, Focus E-Bike has commended the sustainability of rubber extraction from dandelions.

Continental develops rubber for tires from dandelions | Video by Continental.

"We are delighted about the two awards,” says Thomas Falke, Head of Continental’s business unit Two-Wheel Tires. “They reflect the particularly successful design and sustainability of our 'Urban Taraxagum' bicycle tire.” In this way, our unique product made in Korbach is actively contributing to environmentally-friendly mobility and thus to greater sustainability."

"Our dandelion rubber tires are an important part of our extensive sustainability activities and of the ambitious goal of making our products and production processes as well as our research and development even more sustainable,” adds Claus Petschick, Head of Sustainability in Continental’s Tires business area. “Our efforts to decrease the import of the important rubber material from the tropics, and instead to manufacture it as close as possible to our tire plants, will make a significant contribution."

As far back as in March 2020, the 'Dandelion Bicycle Tire' was recognized with the IF Taipei Cycle d&i Gold Award and last year with the sustainability award from the e-bike manufacturer Accell Group. In the future, Continental’s long-term Taraxagum project will be to supply natural rubber from dandelion plants, which can be used for the production of two-wheel, passenger car or commercial vehicle tires as well as other vehicle parts made of natural rubber. Continental has already produced the first test tires for passenger cars and trucks. The Urban Taraxagum bicycle tire is the first production tire to be manufactured using natural rubber from the dandelion plant. The tire has been produced in the Continental bicycle tire plant in Korbach in the German state of Hesse for two years and is available both in-store and online. Further information on the project can be found at

Press release by Continental.