Rema Tip Top is a Germany-based global system provider of services and products in the field of conveying and processing technology as well as for tire repairs. The company has a global service network and offers a wide range of polymer products, rubber linings and coatings for industry and the automotive sector.

For Rema Tip Top, there are hardly any technical or economic limits to a tire repair. A typical case, which occurs almost daily in repair shops: A car owner has driven into a screw or other sharp object and the tire thus has a typical puncture injury in the tread. This damage can be repaired. But with a residual profile of 50%, many vehicle owners are rather skeptical and tend to replace the tires.

However, this means that they have to buy two new tires axle by axle and are therefore confronted with more costs and do not continue to use the other good tire.

In the case of a repair, on the other hand, only a single tire would have to be repaired: this can be done quickly and cost-effectively with a high-quality repair with the TÜV-certified MINICOMBI system from Rema Tip Top.

In contrast, new tires are not "just" procured and mounted and also usually €80-100 more expensive than a repair, depending on tire size and performance. Furthermore, this benefits sustainability, because the repaired tires thus remain longer in the cycle and conserve resources.

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