According to Cement News, Cypriot Members of Parliament were told by the Audit Office last week that about 35 per cent of end-of-life tires imported into Cyprus every year pass through the port in Limassol without being subject to an environmental fee. Moreover, not all these waste tires are properly disposed of.

Approximately 12,000 tons of imported tires end up at the cement factory in Vassiliko where they are burned and used as fuel. However, thousands of them end up in illegal landfills.

MPs also heard that significant gaps in the country's tire waste management system were shown, particularly in terms of collection, transport, temporary storage and re-use and recovery of waste.

The only successful procedure currently accessible on the island is the use of tires in the cement kiln at Vassiliko. This has been a long running issue in Cyprus, which has witnessed more than one failed tyre recycling project.

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