Blaze engulfed a former Anderson County tire recycling plant Viva Recycling in the United States on Saturday where massive amounts of mosquitos were breeding.

To put down the fire, 27 fire units arrived at the site on Abbeville Highway, the county’s fire department said. Moreover, the crews that tackle threatening material also worked at the old recycling plant. In addition, Department of Health and Environmental Control was fully prepared to assist authorities if needed.

As part of the fire crews efforts, inhabitants of the adjacent neighborhoods were evacuated. No one was wounded because of the fire. However, one of the witnesses cited by The Post and Courier said that the neighborhood experienced a bad smoke which hampered breathing.

The incident came after earlier the local residents voiced numerous concerns about the hazardous site which had already caused a number of problems as over 60,000 tires had been kept at Viva Recycling’s former facility.

Article by Post & Courier.