Extending the life of commercial vehicle tires (for truck and bus) through tire retreading offers unprecedented opportunities. Sustainability, economical use of raw materials and the circular economy should be reasons for both business and government to consider tires retreading. Nevertheless, the market share of retreaded commercial vehicle tires in the Netherlands is considerably lower than in neighboring countries. Currently, approximately 20% of passenger and freight transport in the Netherlands runs on retreaded tires. In Germany this is 28%, in France 35% and in the US even half of them are on retreaded tires. So in the Netherlands there is still a lot to gain.

That is why VACO – the trade association for the tire and wheel industry in the Netherlands – is launching the knowledge and information campaign about retreaded tires. In this campaign, VACO wants to visualize the benefits and share experiences with transporters, own transporters, public transport, government and clients for transport. The message: retreaded tires are safe and reliable, have a lower ecological footprint and have a favorable kilometer cost price.

VACO also brings tire renewal to the attention of politicians in The Hague in the Circular Economy committee debate that will take place on 2 November. If the Dutch government stimulates tire renewal, as is also the case in Germany and France, more circularity will arise in both passenger and freight transport in the short term.

The basis of renewed commercial vehicle tires comes from existing, end-of-life tires. Slightly less than half of original high-quality new tires are eligible for reuse. This is preceded by a strict selection for each band. Fully checked and certified according to European regulations. The tires get a completely new tread. High-quality tires can last several lifetimes in this way. Reuse limits waste and saves approximately 50 to 70 kilos of raw materials per tire during production, more than 60% CO2 emissions and 70 liters of oil.

Many professional users – from bus companies to transport companies, from specialist waste processors to even airline companies – are already extending the life of their tires. The renewed tires in their fleet provide green and financial benefits. In addition, renewing tires offers them the opportunity to develop a tailor-made profile, making their vehicles even safer, more economical and cleaner to drive.

In short: if you want to make a sustainable contribution to the circular economy while minimizing operating costs, you should opt for retreaded tires.

To learn more about the initiative, please proceed to VACO’s website.