In January, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) presented a proposal seeking the restraint of the microplastics applications; the presented document relies on the Chemicals Agency’s studies of the threats that the added microplastics pose to environment and human health.

All businesses, including tire recyclers, that are affected by the new proposal on microplastics of European Chemicals Agency, are welcome to reach the ECHA, as the organization will launch public consultation that will last until September 20. Meanwhile, ECHA called on the enterprises to make early submissions to facilitate the process.

Regarding tire recycling, the ECHA identifies the polymers added in tires as microplastics. Thus, the ban would be applicable to any end product made with recycled tires that has 5 mm particles or less than 5 mm. After the consultations, the ECHA will deliver its opinion regarding the initiative to the European Commission that is anticipated to be reviewed next spring.

The suggested regulation, known as REACH, introduced earlier this year targets added microplastics; it deals not only with restriction of chemicals, but also with their evaluation and authorization. The proposal limiting the microplastics application is expected to reduce the emissions of the allegedly hazardous element by approximately 400,000 tons in two decades.

The microplastics restriction moves come after last year, the EU Parliament urged the European Commission to prohibit across all EU states products that contain microplasticts that were intentionally added; moreover, the official body called for extra steps to reduce the release of these particles from tires. Apart from tires, the new ban targets cosmetics, agricultural products, clothing and other merchandise that contain added polymers such as microplastics.

For further information, please consider the official source of this information – ECHA.