ECO Green Equipment – one of the world’s leaders in the tire recycling equipment design and manufacturing – recently launched a new website where the company published a more comprehensive description of its tire recycling equipment, customer testimonials, numerous videos of its high-end machinery and an updated blog serving as a concise business guide for newcomers to the tire recycling industry.

Corporate video of ECO Green Equipment.

Among its newest technological developments ECO Green highlights two special types of equipment:

  1. Eco Razor 63 – a machinery designed for mining and off-the-road (OTR) tire recycling;
  2. ECO Rubber Colorizer Line – an equipment for coloring recycled tire-derived crumb rubber.

ECO Razor 63 – mining and OTR tire recycling

Accoring to ECO Green Equipment, the Eco Razor 63 is the ultimate in high quality rubber removal and preparation equipment for downstream processing of the largest tires in the world. The manufacturer says its patent-pending technology allows tire recycling operators to remove valuable rubber from all three sides of the mining tire. ECO Green says that the rubber that has been removed is ready to be screened, packaged and sold. Small changes in the blade configuration allow flexibility in the size of the output material to better target the most valuable size on the market.

ECO Razor 63 – equipment for OTR and mining tire recycling | Video by ECO Green Equipment.

Once the high quality rubber has been removed and processed, the remaining tire can be sent down stream for further processing or be turned into other useful products, such as water tanks or wear strips.

To learn more about the Eco Razor, press here.

ECO Rubber Colorizer Line

ECO Green says that its rubber colorizer equipment is designed with automatic controls to accurately monitor colorant usage and to adjust colorant application rates and output. According to the manufacturer, the system can also be outfitted with accessory equipment, such as drying trommel, conveyors, feed bin and bagging stations.

Coloring line for recycled rubber from end-of-life tires | Video by ECO Green Equipment.

ECO Green asserts that its rubber colorizer line is one of the industry’s most efficient systems with the highest coloring capacity on the market – up to 10,000 lbs (or 4,500 kg) per hour. The company’s coloring line, reportedly, has the capability to color a wide range of material sizes from 10-20 mesh rubber granules, to 1-inch chunks and rubber buffings. ECO Green pinpoints that this system is referred to as by far the most versatile and effective coloring line on the market.

To read more about the coloring line, please navigate to ECO Green’s website.

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