ECO Green Equipment – a renowned tire recycling equipment manufacturer from Utah, United States, was recently featured in an article by Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine. The magazine says that by relying on hydraulic pumps, ECO Green’s unique cracker mill for rubber powder downsizing, Krumbuster, turns end-of-life tires into crumb rubber and super-fine rubber powder with record speed and a smaller environmental footprint.

ECO Green Equipment produces turnkey industrial tire recycling solutions to help companies turn end-of-life tires into valuable marketable materials and goods. And as their revolutionary Krumbuster machine shows, they’re doing it in a cheap, fast and environment-friendly way.

ECO Krumbuster® System Video | Tire Milling Equipment by ECO Green Equipment.

Like other cracker mills, the Krumbuster machine turns recycled tires into crumb rubber that can be used in products like artificial turf, rubberized pavement and playground surfaces. But the machine overcomes a common industry obstacle to achieve 50% higher output than the competition while using 35% less horsepower.

Cracker mills, ECO Green’s team says, operate with two corrugated rolls that operate at different speeds to crush and grind rubber into crumb. Typical mills contend with a very narrow range of speed differentials (also known as friction rations), which limits their ability to turn out sufficient quantities of crumb across their full range of speed. It’s a well-known industry problem that, up until now, has lacked a good solution.

The Krumbuster, according to ECO Green Equipment has reinvented the process, using hydraulic pumps instead of mechanical gearboxes. The hydraulic power allows the machine to respond quickly to variations in friction ratios, high shock loads and constant pressure changes. As a result, it delivers full torque at all speeds while using less energy. It also requires much less maintenance due to the fact that it can be started under load. This negates the need to clean the rolls out before starting the machine.

The Krumbuster was recently praised by Parker Hyudraulics & Pneumatics for “streamlining” tire recycling through its added “reliability and responsiveness.” This is all in a day’s work for Brad Swenson, President of ECO Green Equipment, who has made it his mission to revolutionize tire recycling technology. “Our goal is to help companies turn over the maximum amount of rubber with the minimum amount of energy, and we’re constantly innovating ways to do this better.”

ECO Green Equipment has developed a full line of stand-alone and integrated equipment that is smashing the status quo for cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. Their ECO Green Giant is one of the patented leaders in tire recycling and fine rubber powder production with the lowest operating and maintenance costs in the industry.

To learn more about ECO Green Equipment and their Krumbuster machine, visit or call +1 (801) 505-6841.

About ECO Green Equipment

ECO Green Equipment is one of the world’s leaders in tire recycling equipment design and manufacturing. The company is based in Utah, United States, and stands out among world’s top-tier tire recycling equipment manufacturers by its innovative approach to equipment design, where efficiency and longevity are brought to a whole new level.

The company’s products include tire recycling machinery for any range of input and output – from OTR tire recycling equipment to ultra-high capacity shredders for truck and car tires to fine-milling machinery for the smallest-possible rubber powder output. The product range also includes various add-on modules for factory upgrade and “starter kits” for newcomers to tire recycling business.

Corporate video of ECO Green Equipment.

Recently, ECO Green launched a new website which contains a more comprehensive description of the innovator’s tire recycling equipment, ECO Green’s customer testimonials, numerous videos of its high-end machinery and an updated blog serving as a concise business guide for newcomers to the tire recycling industry.

To learn more about the company, please navigate to the company's website.

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