The Reivew, a Canadian newspaper, informs about the latest updates to Ecolomondo tire pyrolysis facility in Hawkesbury, Canada. According to the newspaper, the new Ecolomondo Thermal Decomposition (TDP) in Hawkesbury will be the first of its kind in the world when it begins operations scheduled for summer 2021.

The Reivew says the new plant is equipped with the latest technology and will be the first automotive tire pyrolysis facility which will be able to completely recycle all materials from end of-life tires. The plant will produce marketable end-products: oil, steel, fiber, recycled carbon black and syngas, and will be equipped to secondary process them to improve their quality.

Ecolomondo thermal decomposition facility for end-of-life tires in Hawkesbury, Canada. | Photo by Ecolomondo.

“[The plant] is the first of its kind that will be able to not only decompose the waste, but process it as well,” said Eliot Sorella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ecolomondo Corporation, in an interview with The Review. “It will be the first tire recycling plant in the world that decomposes, processes and resells all of the products from the waste for re-use by industry.”

The Review explains that the term ‘turnkey’ comes from the fact the facility is delivered from conception to commissioning, with four departments – tire shredding, thermal decomposition, recovered carbon black and fuel oil refining – that process and recycle tires down to their core raw materials. When in full operation – expected to be in late August or September – the plant will employ approximately 40 workers. All of the processes are contained within the facility, which is designed to be both green and operate in a safe environment for employees.

To learn more about the end-of-life tire Thermal Decomposition plant of Ecolomondo, please proceed to The Review or Ecolomondo.