Ecopneus – an Italian end-of-life tire management authority – reports that companies specializing in the recycling, collection and transport of end-of-life tires will be able to register in the Suppliers' Register available on the Ecopneus website and access the selection procedures for subsequent online tenders.

There is good news for all companies that want to contribute to the development of Italy's circular economy. On the Ecopneus website , registrations are still open to identify partner companies for the three-year period 2022-2024 for recycling, collection and transport of end-of-life tires.

Registration is free of charge. The deadline for registering with the Suppliers Register varies according to the type of activity , as well as for the subsequent selection and tender steps. Tenders for the end-of-life tire shredding will be held in June, end-of-life tire collection – in July, end-of-life tire hauling – in September.

Article by Ecopneus.