Ecopneus – Italian end-of-life tire (ELT) management organization – received the recognition as Blue Ambassador issued by the scientific technical committee of the Blue Planet Economy Expoforum, an event dedicated to the blue economy organized by Fiera Roma, chaired by Roberto Morabito, ENEA General Manager, for the continuous commitment in the management of end-of-life Tires and for the research and training of new skills and professions in line with the values of the Blue Economy. The award is assigned to the most virtuous realities that have shown particular attention to the principles of the Blue Economy, especially in the formation of new professions.

In addition to the ELT collection and recycling activities, Ecopneus worked hard over the years to spread greater knowledge on the applications of recycled rubber by activating and supporting various scientific studies and training initiatives alongside prestigious academic and research organizations in our country, making ethics, skills, professionalism and know-how available to technical control bodies, law enforcement agencies and institutions.

For over ten years Ecopneus has been managing an industrial supply chain made up of about 100 companies throughout the national territory that guarantee the tracing, collection, transport and treatment of an average of about 200,000 tons of ELTs every year, destined for recycling in many applications, in sport, in the nautical sector, in infrastructures, furnishings or energy recovery up to the latest innovations in the fashion field in collaboration with the Maison Gattinoni, with important economic and environmental benefits for our country. Only in 2021, thanks to Ecopneus' recovery and recycling activity, was the emission of 310,000 tons of CO2 equivalent, a water consumption of almost 1.23 million m3, a withdrawal of raw materials of 282,000 tons and a reduction in imports of virgin material for a value of 79 million euros.

"We are really proud to receive this important recognition because it reflects the great work we are carrying out for the development of ELT recycling, a sector that is increasingly playing a leading role in the development of the country's circular economy” – said the General Manager of Ecopneus Federico Dossena.

To find out more, visit Ecopneus website.