Eni has signed an agreement with Ecopneus that will evaluate the technologies suitable for scrap tires boost. This move will help to obtain sustainable chemical and energy products. The new project relies on the principles of circular economy.

The agreement strengthens the collaboration between Eni and Ecopneus , which have already carried out a project in Massafra (Taranto). During that project, the companies focused on asphalt modified with polymers and rubber powder from scrap tires. The initiative became possible thanks to a deal with the Municipality of Massafra reached in June 2020. Back then, Eni made the bitumen from the Taranto refinery available. Ecopneus, for its part, used its technical know-how for the diffusion of modified asphalts.

Federico Dossena, Ecopneus General Manager, stressed that his company has been engaged in activities for the recovery and recycling of end-of-life tires for years.

He went on to note that Ecopneus is interested in finding applications for recycled rubber in various industries. He emphasized that recycled rubber can be successfully used not only in asphalt production but also in sports surfaces, acoustic insulation, street furniture and much more.

Article by Ecopneus.