Granuband continues converting used tires into new rubber products.

Granuband – a Dutch producer of various rubber products – develops and manufactures new circular rubber products from the end-of-life tires that have been collected and recycled by the company itself.

Granuband’s circular rubber products are available under the brand name Granuflex. The company serves six specific markets. They also supply circular raw materials.

Check out Granuflex’s new video at LinkedIn and get a sneak peek on how they give old rubber a new lease of life.

About Granuband

Granuband was one of the first automotive tire-recycling companies in the Netherlands. Initially, the company focused solely on recycling. Used tires were delivered, sorted and then shredded. Later, the company started making products itself from the rubber granulate recovered from the shredded tires. In 1995 Granuband launched its first rubber tile for public spaces in the Netherlands. Since then, our portfolio has expanded considerably and become much more detailed. Granuband supplies recycled, or circular, rubber products under the brand name Granuflex to a growing number of customers, both inside and outside the Netherlands.