In its latest press release, Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) reported that on October 21, Australia’s Environment Minister’s Meeting announced end-of-life tires will be included on the Minister’s product stewardship priority list.

The product stewardship priority list identifies products and materials considered to be most in need of a product stewardship approach, including post-consumer use and disposal. With 80% of Australia’s used tire derived material currently being shipped overseas and often to developing countries, the addition of end-of-life tires sends a clear message that the Australian tire industry needs to take greater responsibility for its product.

The national Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme (the Scheme) is currently financed by the voluntary contribution of 49% of tire importers and has almost 1,700 accredited participants, which include tire retailers, collectors/recyclers, local government, mining and fleet organisations.

“Current Scheme contributors and participants are the pioneers and innovators in the sustainable management, recycling and productive use of recovered end-of-life tires,” says Lina Goodman, CEO of Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) which administers the Scheme.

“They do this voluntarily with their investment yielding significant outcomes and benefits for Australia so far.

“But the recent independent review conducted by Arcoona Consulting, shows that, as a voluntary initiative the Scheme has reached its peak in its ability to effectively recover and reuse end-of-life tires. That it is still far from leveraging the full environmental, social and economic benefits this recovered resource can deliver. That without timely regulatory intervention, the Scheme will be unable to shift the dial on these critical indicators or meet community expectations to maximize waste reduction, reuse and recycling outcomes within Australia.

“These critical indicators include some sobering numbers for Australia.

“By being included on the Minister’s Priority List today, the door has now been opened for Australia to shift these numbers in the right direction. To bring Australia’s circular tire economy in line with the ‘cradle to cradle’ approach taken by other tire schemes around the world. To support local manufacturing and create jobs in the economy that do not exist today. To prevent future harm to our environment and human health from inappropriate disposal of end-of-life tires here and overseas.

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