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Episode 23 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast features the CEO of Scandinavian Enviro Systems (Enviro)Thomas Sörensson, who spoke about the collaboration with Michelin, Enviro’s strong position and potential in the market and the expansion plans ahead. Enviro is a Swedish award-winning tire pyrolysis operator and equipment supplier who recently entered a partnership agreement with Michelin.

The Tyre Recycling Podcast | Episode #23 | Thomas Sörensson, Scandinavian Enviro Systems. | Video by Tyre & Rubber Recycling magazine.

Interview chapters:

  • 00:00 – Introduction to Episode 23 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast
  • 03:20 – Interview with Business Witness, Thomas Sörensson, Scandinavian Enviro Systems
  • 05:05 – Enviro's position for supplying Pyrolysis Black to new markets
  • 06:55 – The impact of Michelin's collaboration with Scandinavian Enviro Systems
  • 10:57 – Enviro's next steps for Partnerships within the pyrolysis sector
  • 13:13 – From Recovered Carbon Black to Pyrolysis Oil to Tyre Recycling plants
  • 15:47 – Upscaling Enviro's Pyrolysis Technology for a Growing Demand
  • 17:44 – Sörensson comments on Scandinavian Enviro Systems' win at the 2021 Recircle Awards
  • 18:08 – Conclusion to Episode 23 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast

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