Scandinavian Enviro Systems (Enviro) – a Swedish tire pyrolysis operator and equipment manufacturer – has been granted an environmental permit for the planned tire pyrolysis plant in Uddevalla, Sweden.

As previously announced by Enviro, the application pertained to the establishment of a tire pyrolysis plant on an industrial site in the Lillesjö district of Uddevalla Municipality. The facility will have the capacity to process up to 60,000 tons per year, which would suffice for the recycling of more than 60 percent of Sweden’s total annual volume of end-of-life tires. The environmental permit application for the facility was filed in mid-November of last year.

“Our application has been handled swiftly, which is proof that we have established a solid process for preparing supporting documentation for environmental permit applications. Our ability to do this is essential for our continued expansion, since efficient permit processes are a critical success factor,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

A final decision on establishment of the new plant is dependent on several factors, such as securing access to end-of-life tires and agreements covering deliveries of recovered materials.

To read more about the company, its technology and activities, proceed to Enviro's website.