Scandinavian Enviro Systems (Enviro) has been informed that the fuel company Preem has performed successful production tests of the recovered pyrolysis oil that Enviro recently supplied.

In November last year, the fuel company Preem placed an order with Enviro for recovered pyrolysis oil for use as a raw material in production tests to determine how suitable it is for the production of different biofuels. Since the start of deliveries in early February, Preem has been performing tests of the oil at its facility in Lysekil, Sweden, which had already been granted a permit specifically for conducting production tests of pyrolysis oil.

The supplied oil had been recovered from end-of-life tires at Enviro’s facility in Åsensbruk, and Preem has now informed Enviro that the tests have been successful. A subsidiary of a leading US oil company has already carried out successful production tests of Enviro’s oil. Following the successful production test, the US oil company has placed a commercial order for Enviro’s pyrolysis oil worth a total of SEK 4.7 million, something which Enviro has also previously communicated.

“The news from Preem is further important confirmation of the commercial value of our recycling technology and the material we can extract using it. This provides additional support for our expansion plan and the anticipated profitability on which it is based,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

In addition to use in the production of biofuel, Enviro’s oil can replace fossil-based oils in the oil and chemical industries.

Enviro’s recovered pyrolysis oil has been certified under the ISCC EU global sustainability certification system and approved in accordance with the EU REACH Directive.

Article by Enviro.