A tire recycling company EPSCO based in Kuwait reports that its newly built tire recycling plant will be capable of producing over 250 kinds of different molded rubber products. The plant consisting of several production lines was recently commissioned and is going to be launched in April, the company reports.

The decision of Kuwaiti company to engage in tire recycling business was made in 2017 when EPSCO commenced working with Weibold, an independent expert company focused on tire recycling & pyrolysis consulting and based in Vienna, Austria. To ensure success of EPSCO’s tire recycling project, Weibold carried out market studies, technical due diligence on equipment vendors, down-stream manufacturing evaluation, and pre-installation supervision.

Weibold’s support in end product sales preparation consisted of market research for recycled tire products such as:

  • Tire derived aggregates
  • Rubber granulates
  • Rubber powders
  • Various molded goods
  • Porous soaker hoses (leaky pipes)
  • Reclaimed rubber

The goal EPSCO set is to recycle end-of-life tires and use recovered materials for consumer products and value-added goods used in civil engineering. Therefore, the Kuwaiti company opted for molded goods production, which required special pressing and molding machinery added to its main line.


Part of the new rubber molding line commissioned by South African XTYRE for EPSCO in Kuwait under a licensing agreement. Photo: courtesy of Oscar Filen, XTYRE.

The task of choosing the right production technology is a difficult and responsible process. Weibold had been scrutinizing technical aspects of different machinery and had been verifying references of pre-screened suppliers to allow EPSCO to successfully convert five thousand tons of tires per year into molded rubber products (e.g. interlocking rubber bricks, gym mats, flower pots, etc.), porous soaker hoses.

As a result, South African manufacturer XTYRE had been chosen to supply its equipment under a license agreement to enable Kuwaiti EPSCO to produce a wide array of 250+ kinds of molded products from recycled tires.

ELDAN’s full-scale tire recycling line was chosen by the company at the early stages of the project to grind end-of-life tires into crumb rubber and rubber powder.

After the launch of the plant, EPSCO will be capable of recycle up to 30,000 ton of tires into 1” shreds, up to 20,000 tons of granulates and powders, and up to 5,000 ton of molded goods. It is expected that the venture will have an auspicious effect of the country’s environment, as Kuwait currently has the notorious world’s biggest tire graveyard.

We wish EPSCO’s tire recycling venture a stable growth and we are proud to be a part of its recent success.

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