On March 17, 2021, the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers Association, ETRMA, representatives met the EU’s Commissioner Thierry Breton and his team to present the vision and commitments of future tire performance targets to deliver on Green Deal objectives.

The tire industry leaders had the opportunity to underline the role of the tire sector in creating a future with environmentally friendly, safe, efficient and accessible mobility for all. This meeting represents an important step toward the vision the tire industry intends to support in the direction of delivering on the Green Deal targets.

“Our industry strongly reaffirmed its commitment to go beyond already high performance standards to deliver a safe, climate-neutral and innovative future and looks forward to a conducive regulatory framework to sustain this transition, based on Better Regulation principles”, said Mr. Franco Annunziato, ETRMA’s President.

In its press release, ETRMA says it remains confident that the tire sector can contribute to the ambitious Green Deal targets, thanks to cooperation with the institutions for an adapted regulatory framework, including clear policies on industrial competitiveness, trade, digitalisation, skills and mobility, moving forward the agenda for a greener and more sustainable Europe.

Official press release by ETRMA.