Europe collected and reused 92 percent of scrap tires in 2017, the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA) revealed in its recent report. To prepare this finding, the group studied records from EU 28, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey.

If to put the statistics in weight, this constituted over 1.95 million metric tons of waste tires that have undergone recycling, the ETRMA said. The main products of recycling and recovery were rubber, steel and partly textile. Scrap tires were also used for civil engineering purposes and as fuel in cement kilns.


Image: courtesy of ETRMA.

Tire collection and recycling is of great significance due to the industry’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, ETRMA stressed in its release.

The report comes after last year ETRMA stated that a recycling-recovery rate had been fluctuating in Europe between 93-95 percent.

Article by ETRMA.