The European authorities have introduced the limits for the PAHs in the recycled rubber used in synthetic turf pitches, and its content must not exceed 20 mg/kg. If the limit is met, a playground or a field can be considered safe for children and sportsmen.

The evaluation of all possible risks has been conducted by The Risk Assessment Committee of the European Chemicals Agency, (ECHA). According to ECHA, it was important to make this research as the rubber contains controversial and potentiallly harmful PAH particles. If within the limits, the rubber that is made out of recycled end-of-life tires is safe and not harmful to people who spend much time training and playing on the grounds that contain this type of recycled material.

The European Risk Assessment on Synthetic Turf Rubber Infill also shares these views and supports the findings of the research into the possible risks. The study had lasted for two years.

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Article source ECHA.