MEPs from the Industry and Research Committee and the Finnish Presidency of the Council informally consented to new law targeting car and truck tires that would change the way the products are labelled.

New information that the law wants to make visible for consumers include tire fuel efficiency, rolling noise and wet grip. Possibly, the label will also have to include info on tire performance on ice and snow. Mileage and abrasion performance data would be required after availability of a testing method is secured. It will be obligatory to put not only labels but QR codes on products.

Tire recycling companies could become direct beneficiaries of the new law, as the innovation would help efficiently sort end-of-life tires, i.e. according to material used, and obtain a more homogeneous product. In turn, this could unlock new opportunities for tire recycling companies, i.e. bigger inclusion of recovered tire rubber in new products.

The bill is still negotiated in the European Parliament and is expected to be formally adopted later. The informal deal currently awaits approval from the European Parliament’s Industry committee and the Council’s Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER).

Article by European Sting.