On April 26th, the European REACH Committee voted in favor of proposals to restrict the intentional introduction of microplastics in many products. This decision was made after the ECHA Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) found that uncontrolled microplastics released into the environment pose a risk to health.

It is estimated that over 20 years, the proposed restriction would prevent the release in the environment of about half a million tonnes of microplastics, at an estimated total cost up to €19 billion. The proposal will now be subject to a 3-month scrutiny by the European Parliament and the Council before it can be adopted by the Commission.

The outcome of the ban is uncertain but could disrupt the recycling sector, it may pose challenges for the recycling industry and require additional efforts to develop effective solutions for managing microplastic waste. Despite research showing minimal loss of microplastics from controlled crumb rubber pitches, the ban will proceed.

To learn more about the ban, proceed to the REACH website.