Prospective attendees are invited to register for European Tyre Recycling Association’s (ETRA) Conference that is set to take place at the NH Collection, Grand Sablon in Brussels.

The conference is an annual three-day event that will take place for the 27th time. It will see plenary sessions and discussions paying special focus on pyrolysis and the future of it. The speakers will share their reports on how markets for recycled tire products will be expanded. Attendees will learn which recycled rubber products may see the greatest demand in the new decade.

Currently, tire recycling industry is challenged by numerous issues and they will be addressed during the conference. In addition, experts will reveal what steps have to be taken in order to make circular economy in a reality. Attendees will learn about opportunities that will help tire recyclers to come up with the most effective strategies.

ETRA Conference organizers are still encouraging potential speakers on pyrolysis to contact the organizers via Prospective speakers can submit their presentations by mid-July, 2020. More details on deadlines will be available soon.

Meet Weibold at the event!

On September 2-4, 2020, Weibold's tyre recycling and pyrolysis consulting team will attend the 27th ETRA Conference on Tyre Recycling in Brussels. Weibold welcomes attendees to arrange meetings during the conference.

To arrange a meeting with Louis Selinger Romero from Weibold's expert team, please send your inquiry at or call +34 664 766 988.


Andreas Kyriakos, senior partner at Weibold (left in focus), and Louis Selinger Romero, key account manager at Weibold (right in focus), at the Recovered Carbon Black Forum 2019. Photo by Smithers.

About the 27th ETRA Conference in Brussles

The three day event will take place from Wednesday through to Friday, September 2-4, 2020, at the NH Collection Hotel, Grand Sablon, Brussels. The Conference is the culmination of a year-long series of activities and events led and supported by the European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA) that focused on market development and expansion for a broad array of recycled tyre materials, products and applications.

The Plenary Sessions on Thursday will focus on issues confronting tyre recyclers in 2020 and beyond – including the changing roles of tyre recyclers, ECHA findings regarding SBR and micro-plastics, the Basel Convention, and the impact of exports from tyre EU.

The afternoon will focus on the role of GPP in expanding Municipal and commercial use of RTMs in construction, transport infrastructure and maintenance for road, rail, tram and sea as well new opportunities in the automotive and consumer products sectors.

Friday Plenaries will focus on New markets for Innovative Materials, Applications and Technologies. The afternoon will explore Pyrolysis as it moves into an array of traditional markets. The final session will identify opportunities to develop strategies to make tyre recycling a key contributor to the Circular Economy after 2020.

ETRA reports there are many informal opportunities for delegates and speakers to meet and discuss common interests during Matchmaking activities, cocktail receptions and meals, etc. and after-hours meetings.

Speakers include EU and local government representatives, NGOs, industry profssionals, researchers, material, product and application developers, representatives of support industries, investment groups, among others.

2020 International Conference Committee consists of G.Cornacchia, A. Damou, S. Emara, L. Feldman, A. Festerling, C. Freda, T. Gauthier, D. Jain, B. Karaagac,, D. Losanno, B. Marabotto, I. Maytham, U. Miller, S. Murphy, A. Paulsson, F. Quadrini, F. Quadrini, E. Ribetti, F. Riedewald, D. Shalaputa, J. van Son, E. Weiss,Yanover, P. Zaprzalski

To learn more about the event and register, please proceed to the official website.

To arrange a meeting with Weibold's expert team, please write at or call +34 664 766 988.